January 29, 2013

The Sun?

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I found a chunk of rough Ash in my shop and because I’m presently experimenting with a router I figured it would be good for a test.

I don’t really like ash very much cause I’m not fond of the open grain but this piece may have at least started to change my mind.

My son-in-law thinks it’s pretty cool and says it looks like the sun. What do you think?

it is about 7 3/4″ x 3/4″ finished with several coats of Walnut oil(which seemed to darken it quite a bit). This type of turning is a little difficult to do any sort of finish that has to be sanded a lot so the oils seem to me to be the best way to go.

DSC_7422 DSC_7423 DSC_7424



January 26, 2013

Black on Black

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Here are a few pictures of one of the pieces I am experimenting with.

The slots are random causing the viewers eye to try to search for a pattern.

It’s black walnut (6 1/4 x 3/4) wings are about 3/32 thick, black dye and finished with rattle can lacquer.DSC_7426 DSC_7427 DSC_7428

January 13, 2013

Harvey Fein I ain’t.

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As you can see I am no where near able to produce the quality and interesting work that Mr. Fein makes but I continue to stroll along the path.

If you are unaware of his work you can see it here http://www.harveyfein.net. His pieces are almost unbelievable.

I managed to fabricate some of the same type router setups that he started with but he has long since left this simple method. I continue to try new things and must admit that about 1/3 of what I try fails and winds up in the burn pile but the journey is fun.

Here are a few shots of the pieces I have produce to date.

DSC_7414 DSC_7415 DSC_7416 DSC_7419 DSC_7420 DSC_7291 DSC_7292 DSC_7293

I hope you like them. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email me or leave a note here.

January 1, 2013

Bottle Stopper

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I have just begun making bottle stoppers. These can be used on just about any bottle from wine and spirits to vinegars and liquid spices.

I searched the internet and discovered Ruth Niles web site. It is a wealth of information!

I ordered the starter set and used all the stainless steel stoppers that came in the kit the first week.

These are a VERY high quality stopper and in my opinion should only be used on your top of the line stoppers. The price makes them a little higher price than some that I want to turn so I started looking around to see if I could add a slightly less costly (to make and thus sell) line of stoppers.

My wife often like to have a drink after work before dinner and I noticed that the the Vodka she drinks utilizes a synthetic stopper.

Here’s a picture of it.


It really seems to fit  tight and I wondered if I could use this style as it appears really well designed and is very secure in a bottle. I searched the internet and found a similar one on a Wine Supply web site.

Following along with Capt Eddy‘s video I thought that this type of stopper would make a great, ‘over the top’ type of stopper.

Here are a couple of shots of a finished stopper.

IMG_1399I simply grip a blank in my pin jaws and drill two holes one a little larger than the top of the bottle and one the same size as the top of the ‘cap’. When finished I epoxy the cap into the appropriate hole. An added benefit is that it is really easy to make a ‘jam’ chuck with a hole to fit the synthetic plug.IMG_1398

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